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2nd Battalion Scots Guards – Order of Battle September 1943

The source for this information states it is from 14th September 1943 but this must be incorrect as a number of the officers mentioned had become casualties; it is more likely the 4th September 1943 when the battalion embarked from Tripoli.

Battalion Headquarters

Commanding Officer

Lieutenant-Colonel G.A.D. Taylor, MC

2 i/c

Major P. Steuart-Fotheringham


Captain Sir H. Astley-Corbett

Assistant Adjutant

Captain A.H.M. Thavenot

Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant T.R. Bland

Medical Officer

Captain J.R. Dow, RAMC


The Reverend J.M. Gow, MC, RAChd.

Headquarters Company

Company Commander

Captain R.S.P. Home

Signals Officer

Captain G.C. Lampson

Assistant Signals Officer

Lieutenant L.D. Cambridge

Transport Officer

Lieutenant The Lord Cross


Lieutenant A. Greenwood


Regimental Sergeant Major R. Wessell

Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant A. Mutch

Drill Sergeants

WO 2 J. Lunn, MM

WO 2 R. Tillotson

Pipe Major

Sergeant J.W. Raeburn


Colour Sergeant Major G. McKirdy

Right Flank


Major R.A.H. Rivers-Bulkeley

2 i/c

Captain R.A. Willis

Platoon Commanders

Lieutenant W.A. Elliott

Lieutenant R.T.S. Clarke

Lieutenant I.J. Fraser

Lieutenant C.P.R. Bowen-Colthurst


Colour Sergeant Major L. Parkes

F Company


Major M.D.D. Critchon-Stuart

2 i/c

Captain M.N. Romer

Platoon Commanders

Lieutenant A.T. Philipson

Lieutenant W. Beckett

Lieutenant R.C. McLeod


Colour Sergeant Major J. Tulloch

G Company


Major J.A.L. Timpson, MC

2 i/c

Captain I. Weston-Smith

Platoon Commanders

Lieutenant Sir N. Cayzer

Lieutenant The Honourable A.R.H. Erskine

Lieutenant R.S. Dollard

Lieutenant N.T. Torrance


Colour Sergeant Major R. Little, MM

Support Company


Major J.F. Milburne

Anti-Tank Platoon

Captain F.A.L. Waldron

Lieutenant J.D.A. Stainton


Lieutenant A.J.A. Weir MC

Mortar Platoon

Lieutenant D.G. Morphett


Lieutenant C.R.S. Buckle


Colour Sergeant Major H. Watson

Left Flank


Major H.H. Houldsworth

2 i/c

Captain M.J.A. Gordon

Platoon Commanders

Lieutenant D.I. Fyfe-Jamieson

Lieutenant K.B. Mackenzie

Lieutenant J.D. Henderson


Colour Sergeant Major J. Hope, MM

First Reinforcements

Captain N.H. Barne, MC

Captain W.J. Brown, MC

Lieutenant R.A.E. Balfour

Lieutenant T.N. Douglas

Lieutenant P.C. Carter

Lieutenant P.R. Methuen

Lieutenant J. Carpenter-Garnier

Colour Sergeant Major L. Gray

D. Erskine, The Scots Guards 1919-1945. (London: William Clownes & Sons Ltd., 1956) p.551.