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10th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment


The 10th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment was a pre-war TA battalion 


Misses Tunisia

Invasion of Sicily

In October 1943, 168th Briagde was treansferred back to 56th Infantry DivisionTransfer back to 56th Infantry Division




Commanding Officers

The following were the Commanding Officers of 10th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment during its service in Italy from October 1943 to March 1944.

01 June 1941 - 22 March 1944Lieutenant-Colonel I.R. Baird MCLeft to take a staff position in the Middle East. Awarded the DSO on 23rd March 1944 and Bar to the DSO on 4th May 1944.
24 March 1944 - 15 May 1944Lieutenant-Colonel W.A. Heal The battalion was disbanded.


The battalion landed in Italy in October 1943 seemingly organised as per WE VI/587/2 (the battalion still mentions WE VI/587/1 but the establishment figures match the second version). The WE was a standard for British infantry battalions coming from the Middle East. Interestingly, the WE recorded at high command has the battalion as being organised as per WE II/233/2 level, the standard WE for an infantry battalion in Europe.

 Its rifle companies were named A, B, C and D. The battalion managed to maintain a standard four rifle company establishment throughout the autumn and winter of 1943/44. However, the German counterattacks at Anzio from the 7th to 9th February 1944 overran the battalion and it suffered extremely heavy losses. As a result the battalion was only able to organise one rifle company (C Company) by the 12th February. On the 18th February reinforcements in the form of  10 officers and 115 Green Howards ORs  arrived and they became A Company. The battalion then operated on a two-company basis until it left the Anzio beachhead on 11th March.

In the Middle East, during April and May, the battalion was reinforced and reorganised on a three rifle company basis (A, B and C) before it was announced the battalion was to be disbanded. The personnel were distributed to the other infantry battalions in the division with most going to their fellow battalions in 168th Infantry Brigade, 1st Battalion London Scottish and 1st Battalion London Irish Rifles. 


The following table is based on the WE returns in the war diaries.  The strength for VI/587/2 that the division was reporting against was 36 Officers and 746 ORs for a total of 782 personnel. The WE included the Regimental Medical Officer and attached personnel such as cooks and mechanics and these are included in the figures below. Personnel not part of the WE (i.e. the attached chaplain and his driver) have not been included.

DateOfficersORsOfficer +/-OR +/-

Awards and Decorations

The following were the number of decorations awarded to 10th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment during its service in Italy from October 1943 to March 1944 . This is based on the citations available in the National Archives and potentially the numbers could be higher..

AwardNumber Awarded
Bar to Distinguished Service Order1
Distinguished Conduct Medal5
Distinguished Service Order2
Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire1
Military Cross6
Military Medal5
NumberNameAwardLG DateDate of Action
17824Lt-Col. I.R. BairdDistinguished Service Order23 Mar 4410 - 14 Nov 43
17824Lt-Col. I.R. BairdBar to Distinguished Service Order04 May 44 22 Jan 44
6022413P/L/Cpl. J. BishopMilitary Medal23 Mar 4410 Nov 43
5347241Pte. F.T. CarmichaelMilitary Medal23 Mar 4411 Nov 43
5344864L/Sjt. W. ClayDistinguished Conduct Medal15 Jun 4422 Jan 44
5345780U/L/Cpl. R.F.C. ColesDistinguished Conduct Medal23 Mar 4411 Nov 43
5347151Cpl. J. CookDistinguished Conduct Medal20 Jul 446/7 Mar 44
249828Lt. R.J. EdmondsMilitary Cross23 Mar 4411 Nov 43
5339110A/Cpl. H.A. EvansMilitary Medal20 Jul 4421 Jan 44
5333228CSM J. GilesMilitary Medal21 Dec 44Periodic
5349922Pte. M.H. GoodchildMilitary Medal 23 Mar 4410 Nov 43
89308T/Maj. E.J. GreenDistinguished Service Order15 Jun 4421 Jan 44
157454Capt. A.F.W. HaynesMember of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire21 Dec 44Periodic
180645T/Capt. R. HedgerMilitary Cross15 Jun 4409 Feb 44
5495735CSM W. HigginsDistinguished Conduct Medal24 Aug 44Periodic
200308Lt. F.D. JonesMilitary Cross23 Mar 4410 Nov 43
240303Lt. M.R.S. PhilipsMilitary Cross23 Mar 4425 Nov 43
5344959A/CSM W. QuaifeDistinguished Conduct Medal15 Jun 4425 Feb 44
126448T/Capt. C.A. RobsonMilitary Cross23 Mar 4429 Oct 43
260190Capt. F. ZangenMilitary Cross20 Jul 4422 Feb 44

The individual citations for the awards can be read here - 10th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment - Award Citations - The War in Italy 1943 - 1945.

National Archives Files

The following are the files in the UK National Archives that cover the service of 10th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment during its service in Italy from October 1943 to March 1944.

TNA File NameDescriptionDates
WO 169/1017710 Royal Berkshire Regiment (Princess Charlotte of Wales's)1943 January - December
WO 170/136510 Royal Berkshire Regiment (Princess Charlotte of Wales's)1944 January - March


The following published literature includes coverage of 10th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment during its service in Italy from October 1943 to March 1944.

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West, D.R.C. The Fighting Tenth - A short history of the 10th Battalion The Royal Berkshire Regiment 1940 - 1944. Marlborough: J.W. Gale, 1950. 63 pp.