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9th Battalion Royal Fusiliers – War Diary October 1944

1st October 1944

1500 Marching troops down from Battalion HQ leave for new area. Battalion being relieved by 44 Recce.

1600 X Company and Tac arrive new area.

2015 Z and Y Companies arrive new area.

2nd October 1944

Battalion resting. Operation cancelled owing to rain.

3rd October 1944

Battalion preparing for operations.

Patrol from Z Company made recce of River Fumicino and found suitable crossing for a rope cross.

4th October 1944

0900 Brigade commander visits Tac HQ.

Day spent in admin.

5th October 1944

1200 CO’s conference.

No patrols sent out.

6th October 1944

1800 Advance party sent forward to new Tac HQ.

7th October 1944

Continued heavy rain. Operations cancelled.

8th October 1944

Weather improves.

9th October 1944

Heavy rain again. Operations cancelled.

10th October 1944

0230 Battalion leaves present location by transport.

0530 Battalion arrives new area 937821.

11th October 1944

Admin day.

1100 A party of twenty visited Croce battle area.

12th October 1944

Orders for move issued to companies.

2030 Battalion leaves by MT for new area.

13th October 1944

0500 Battalion arrived at Porto San Giorgio, rest of day on admin.

14th October 1944

Battle dress issued.

15th October 1944

Leave parties to Ancona each day.

16th October 1944

Routine training in mornings.

17th October 1944

Normal training.

18th October 1944

Normal training.

19th October 1944

0900 All officers from the battalion attended a talk by divisional commander at Macerata.

1400 Officers returned.

20th October 1944

Routine training.

21th October 1944

Battalion held cross country race.

22nd October 1944

Battalion on Brigade Thanksgiving church parade at Fermo. Battalion were led by band.

23rd October 1944

First party departed on six days leave in Rome.

24th October 1944

Battalion commander takes over duties of Brigade commander in absence of Brigadier on leave.

25th - 27th October 1944

Routine training.

28th October 1944

Second leave party leaves for Rome.

29th - 31st October 1944

Routine training.

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