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9th Battalion Royal Fusiliers – War Diary April 1944

1st April 1944 – At Sea

Normal routine training

2nd April 1944

Arrived at Port Said. Advance party under Lieutenant and Quartermaster Hollings left the ship. ESO came onboard.

3rd – 4th April 1944

Normal training. Courts martial finished.

5th April 1944

0730 Battalion disembarked by lighter; train to El Quassassin. Transport to Camp No. 34, El Tahag.

6th – 9th April 1944

Kit checks and battalion resting.

10th April 1944

Training. Leave to Cairo, 25% at a time. Day pass to Ismailia.

11th – 13th April 1944

Normal routine training.

14th April 1944

1700 Stand to ordered. Battalion at two hours’ notice to move. The Commanding Officer on leave to Cairo. Major J.A. Sperling took over command.

15th April 1944

0630 Battalion still standing to. Roll call at 0630hrs.

16th April 1944

Normal routine training, battalion still standing to.

17th April 1944

2200 Advance party under Captain E.A. Jones MC left for Palestine.

18th April 1944

Commanding Officer returns from leave.

19th April 1944

Stand To Company formed.

20th – 21st April 1944

Normal routine training. Move Admin order.

22nd April 1944

Major J.A. Sperling posted to 8th Battalion Royal Fusiliers.

Issue of khaki drill to battalion.

23rd April 1944

1200 Commanding Officers conference, new advance party warned for move to Beni Yusef.

24th April 1944

0400 Advance party under Captain J.F. Gordon left for new area.

0630 Battalion embuss and leave Tahag for Beni Yusuf 631801 arrived 1200hrs

1800 – 631801 All officers attended conference by Brigadier on present situation.

25th April 1944

Normal routine training.

26th April 1944

1400 Commanding Officer lecture on security to all officers, Warrant Officers and Sergeants.

1645 Commanding Officer talks to battalion on security.

27th April 1944

1030 Stand to practice turn out.

Rear party from Italy rejoins unit.

28th April 1944

1800 Division Commander visited the battalion.

29th April 1944

Depot Company for education. OC Captain J.F. Gordon.

30th April 1944

Normal routine training.

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