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2nd Battalion Scots Guards Operation Instruction No. 1

2 Scots Guards Operation Instruction No. 1


1. Enemy - As shown on map by Intelligence Officer.

2. Own Troops - As described by Commanding Officer.

3. Additional  - 

2 Troop 10 Commando will come under command 201 Guards Brigade

In support 156 Field Regiment.

One company 7 Cheshires.

227 Anti-Tank Battery (6 X 4.2-inch Mortars)

4. Intention - 2 Scots guards will seize and hold Castellonorato (7397).

5. Method

Phase 1. Move to assembly area Minturno.

Commanding Officer, Intelligence Officer and Assistant Signals Officer will move independently in Commanding Officer’s Jeep accompanied by two despatch riders to HQ 5 Division at Carano 9289 to be there by 1000 hrs D + 1.

Motor Transport Officer will arrange for two despatch riders to report to Officers Mess with rations, blankets and small kit at 0900 hrs.

6. Main Body

(a) No move before 1200 hrs D + 1.

(b) Vehicle Strength - F Echelon will be limited to 39 vehicles forward of assembly area Cellole.

Anti-tank guns (4) will be towed by jeeps or carriers and each gun + trailer will be counted as one vehicle.

2 x 15 cwts per Rifle Company

7 Mortar Carriers & one 15-cwt or 3 tonner 8

13 Bren Carriers 13

2 signal 15-cwts 2

1 Pioneer vehicle

1 Rear Link

4. Anti-tank Guns

1 Ambulance

1 Officers Mess










7. Details for move and route to Assembly Area Cellole will be issued as soon as received from Brigade.

8. TCVs

(a) Twenty TCVs will report to 2 Scots Guards by 2000 hrs D + 1 day.

(b) The following extra vehicles will accompany F Echelon vehicles to Assembly Area Cellole.

One Portee per Anti-tank gun.

One 3 Tonner for carriage and distribution of a hot drink.

One POL vehicle to top up tanks.

Having completed their work they will return independently to Aversa area by same route.

When halted in debussing area, the road will be kept clear of men and vehicles.

(c) Major P. Steuart-Fothringham will bring forward the battalion and will send ahead company guides in one vehicle to meet Provost at…

9. Feeding Arrangements

Reveille 0730

Breakfasts 0815

Dinners 1200

Tea on arrival at debussing area.

10. Rations

48 hours rations will be carried on man and not eaten.

(a)on D + 1 day - also emergency rations.

Normal replenishment and feeding until battalion moves from present area.

(b) Brigade Reserve 3 x 3 Tonners containing one days rations, greatcoats, ammunition and POL will be formed in present area and will move forward with Main Brigade HQ under Battalion Transport Officer.

(c) Rations for consumption 48 - 72 hours after crossing Garigliano will, if possible, be carried forward in cooker vehicles from B Echelon area.

RQMS will be with Brigade Reserve working forward under S.C.

QM will bring up rations from B Echelon.

11. Intercoms

(a) The Brigade will move to HQ 5 Division by 1000 hrs D + 1 and will cross River Garigliano with Brigade O Group. It will set up in area TAC HQ

17 Brigade in Minturno area.

(b) Brigaded B Echelon - HQ Nocaletto 0185.

(c) Wireless silence may be broken at H hour.

(d) List of code words NOT received.

(e) D Day 17 January. H Hour 2100 Hrs.

Signed M.F.B. Brockholes, Captain for


Commanding 2nd Battalion Scots Guards.

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