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2nd Battalion Scots Guards – Order of Battle February 1944

This document this order of battle is extracted a list of officers provided to 201 Guards Brigade HQ on 24th February 1944.

Battalion Headquarters

Commanding Officer

Major P. Steuart-Fotheringham

2 i/c

Major W.D.M. Raeburn MBE


Captain M.J.F. Brockholes

Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant C.R.S. Buckle

Headquarters Company

Company Commander

Captain J.D. Henderson


Lieutenant The Honourable C.J. Dalrymple

Lieutenant G.P.M. Ramsay

Transport Officer

Lieutenant R.A. Stuart


Lieutenant A. Greenwood

Right Flank


Captain J.C. Blackett-Ord

2 i/c

Captain J.D.A. Stainton

Platoon Commanders

Lieutenant I.G. Gow

Lieutenant W.A. Elliott MC

Lieutenant A.N.J. Gordon

Left Flank


Major T.C. Harvey

2 i/c

Captain W.H. Vestey

Platoon Commanders

Lieutenant E.I.L. Mostyn

Lieutenant T.R. Bland

Lieutenant D. Tylden-Wright

F Company


Captain R.L. Coke

2 i/c

Platoon Commanders

Lieutenant Sir D.G. Moncreiffe

Lieutenant E. Crutchley

Lieutenant J.W.R. Nicholson

G Company


Major G.L.S. Pike

2 i/c

Captain R.A. Willis

Platoon Commanders

Lieutenant E.F. Winter

Lieutenant The Honourable A.R.H. Erskine

Lieutenant D.J. Deane

Support Company


Major R.C. Petre

Anti-Tank Platoon

Captain F.A.L. Waldron


Lieutenant H. Brooking-Clark

Mortar Platoon

Lieutenant R.S. Jenkinson

Awaiting Posting

Captain L.D. Cambridge

Appointment Not Recorded

Lieutenant R.I.K. Moncreiffe

Detached to Brigade

Captain A.H.M. Thavenot

Captain J.S.B. Clerk-Rattray

Liaison Officer

Captain  A.R.A. Hobson

Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant The Master of Erskine

The National Archives (TNA) WO 170/636 201 Guards Brigade: H.Q.