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9th Battalion Royal Fusiliers Patrol Report 16th December 1943

Patrol Report 16 December 1943

Patrol Strength  1 Officer and 15 Other Ranks.

Patrol Commander Lieutenant J. A. Graham.

Object of Patrol Search cover and houses on given route.

Route Out and Time Through B Company forward positions near tunnel on canal.

Time Out 2345hrs from B Company.

Route In Entered B Company positions from west over canal.

Time In 0250 hrs.

Description of Ground Covered Undulating ground, open for the greater part.  Occasional copse and orchards.  Many ditches.

Patrol Report

Patrolled left B Company forward positions at 2345 hrs on 16/12/1943 and turned east down the road alongside canal.  Finding no way across canal we returned to tunnel.  After investigating noises in undergrowth we crossed the canal and turned east along the far bank for about 150 yards – then proceeded north searching all cover and watching all buildings from position about 30 yards from them.  Went as far north as buildings at 878982 and then walked south and west has cover permitted to house at 878979.  Then came south and east moving back towards tunnel, when we again across the canal.  No enemy were seen.  During whole of patrol activity by motor transport was heard on north side of the River Garigliano.  Sounded like heavy lorries.

Patrol returned three by Company forward position at 0215 hrs.